Many divorces are pretty run-of-the-mill. Someone was unfaithful, someone mistreated the other person, someone may have had a substance abuse issue, etc.

Other divorce situations are hard to imagine and actually just plain funny! Below are 10 of the most hard to believe real life stories I have found.

Here are 10 humorous real life reasons why couples divorced:

1. Husband didn’t like “Frozen” as much as his wife did.

A woman in Japan ended up wanting a divorce after her husband admitted to her that he didn’t have quite the same love for the movie “Frozen” as she did. This, she thought, indicated that something must be fundamentally wrong with him since he could not understand why the movie was so fabulous. (See the full article at

2. Woman who had secret plastic surgery before she met her husband was caught after their child didn’t end up looking like either one of them.

A man in China married a beautiful woman. Little did he know, the woman had spent $100,000 for plastic surgery to achieve her outer beauty. When the couple had a baby, the baby looked neither like the mother or the father. The father did not find the child to be aesthetically gifted. The woman admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery, and the husband divorced her. (See the full article at

3. Husband bet his wife in a game of poker and lost.

In Russia, a man was playing poker. He lost all of his money, but wanted to decided playing. He decided to offer up his wife since he was out of money. The opponent won the hand and the wife. Wife was so upset that husband had bet her that she divorced the husband. What makes it crazier is that she began dating the opponent who she subsequently married. (See the full article at

4. Wife kept her real age a secret and it backfired.

In China, a man proposed to what he thought was a 24-year-old woman. They were married, but after 10 years of marriage, the man discovered that the woman had actually been 30 years old when they got married. Husband divorced the wife over the lie. (See the full article at

5. 550 cats was a few too many for one husband.

In Israel in 2002, a woman adopted 550 kittens. Everything was fine at first, but as time went on, there were cats all over the place. Most of the family money was going to buy cat food instead of food for the people in the home. While the husband was confronting the wife about the cat problem, he looked over to see one of the cats eating food off the dining room table. That was more than he could handle and ended up divorcing his cat-loving wife. (See the full article at

6. Spouse has “too long” of a commute.

In a 2013 study done in Sweden, it was discovered that marriages in which one person works 45 minutes or longer away from home are more likely to end in divorce. The 10-year study “found that 14% of the couples in which one or both partners had a long commute split, as opposed to 10% of the couples who worked closer to home.” (See the full story at

7. Spouse’s friend or family member is doing it.

Believe it or not, one study published in Social Forces showed that people were more likely to get divorced if they knew someone else doing it. The rate of divorce increased even if it was just a friend’s friend. The rate increased even more if the person knew a close friend of family member getting divorced. (See the full article at

8. The first child was a girl.

We all have heard stories of royalty wanting to have a son to ensure an heir to the throne, but who would have thought that a similar phenomenon exists today? According to U.S. Census data, people who had a girl as their first born child were more likely to get divorced in comparison to people who had a boy as their first born child. (See the full article at

9. Wife is a physician.

When a male physician works more than the normal 40 hours per week, his rate of divorce decreases. What is odd, is that when a female physician works more than 40 hours per week, her risk of divorce increases. This finding is based on census data published in the BMJ. (See the full article at

10. Husband and wife share the housework equally.

A Norwegian study showed that households that split the housework evenly have a higher rate of divorce. One might think that these couples had a great relationship due to their willingness to help one another. What the study actually indicated was that these couples actually had more of a business partnership than a relationship based on generosity. (See the full article at

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While there is some obvious advice that one could give to newlyweds–don’t cheat on your spouse, don’t abuse alcohol, always be loving and caring–there are some other things that people just can’t be warned against.

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