Family Law Attorney – Summerville, SC

Handling Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support Cases

You’ve found yourself in a difficult domestic situation.


Maybe you’re considering divorce, maybe children are involved, or maybe you need help with child support.

Whatever the case, your emotions are running high and there are many unknowns.

Divorce and custody cases are often filled with emotion. Sometimes our emotions cloud our best judgment. They cripple our decision making skills.

As a result, not only do we tend to make decisions which are not in our best interest, but they can be a difficult maybe even impossible to undo.

Here are a few examples of situations that can affect the outcome of your life:

  • In South Carolina, adultery prevents a cheating spouse from getting alimony.
  • Certain conduct can have an impact on custody and visitation even if the conduct occurs when the children are not around.
  • Oftentimes when a relationship goes south, people do things that they ordinarily wouldn’t do. That conduct could affect almost every aspect of marital litigation.
  • South Carolina has child support guidelines. Some people will agree to an arbitrary number. This can having lasting consequences for the payor or payee.
  • Some people believe that if something is titled in their name, it’s not marital property. That may not be the case. There is law which determines what is marital property and what is not.

As you can see, everyone’s situation is different and every situation requires careful examination, understanding of the law and most importantly a clear head.

That’s where an attorney can help, but not just any attorney. You want an attorney that doesn’t take on too many cases so that they have the time and energy to give your situation the attention it deserves.

Specifically, you can turn to me if:

  • Your spouse is cheating
  • You want a divorce or have been served with divorce papers
  • You believe it’s in your child’s best interest to live with you
  • You are seeking custody of your child
  • You are seeking child support and/or alimony
  • You are owed child support or alimony, but haven’t been paid

If you are looking for an attorney who

  • will do what they say,
  • will promptly return phone calls and emails,
  • is non-judgmental,
  • tries to understand the emotional side of your situation and apply it to the legal side,
  • who cares about your situation,

then by all means call and set up an appointment to see me. We will work together to come up with the best course of action given your situation.

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